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De Tinnen Roos donates 25% of their proceeds to Het Longfonds.

With this present I give you a bright spot in this crisis!

Connecting together

The Corona virus has hit us all. The populations of The Netherlands has taken measures to arm itself against a common enemy: COVID-19. We stay at home as much as possible and if possible do our work from our home. Parents educate their children with teaching materials from school. Healthcare providers work hard to help all Corona patients. We all feel the impact of the virus on our lives. In addition to the terrible events, something beautiful also happens. The Netherlands is connecting, we come up with the best initiatives to help each other. We bring each other food, help with groceries for others, send postcards to care homes and applaud together for care.

Love, care and strength

The Opstekertje is designed to support each other. You send a bright spot to someone who is home alone. It gives a little strength to someone who works in a vital profession and is exposed daily. Send love to someone you love but can’t go to. With this rose you tell the other person that he is in your mind.

Together we experience and stand strong. Thank you for being who you are.

Made with feeling

From De Tinnen Roos we also want to contribute to connecting people. As a complete team, we have been involved in coming up with this concept and designing the Opstekertje. It was made with feeling by the craftsmen of De Tinnen Roos.

Het Longfonds

With the Opstekertje we not only want to help connect people, but we also want to make a serious contribution. We have therefore contacted Het Longfonds. This fund is committed to researching various lung diseases on a daily basis. Research on Corona is currently a priority that requires funding. We have therefore decided to donate 25% of the proceeds from this pin.

The ‘Fist against Corona’ is available for both consumers and retail. Retailers can contact us for larger runs.

This rose symbolizes: love, care and strength

Together we experience,
we feel and
we stand strong!

Design: Eduardo Perez

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