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Our services

A good end result starts with a good design. We help improve your design or start from the first line. from 3D drawing to model. Is your own design castable? Loosening from the mold when a print is made? We check your design for castability and adjust your design if desired. We can make computer-drawn 3d designs tangible for you with our 3d printer. A drawn fantasy comes to “life”.

Production with a high level of detail starts with a good mold. We build molds in various sizes and for different casting techniques. We deliver your molds ready for production immediately. We are happy to cast your product in both small and large quantities. If you have an existing object that needs to be reproduced, then you’ve come to the right place. We make your product ready for the consumer. Discover various ways of finishing and assembly.

We are happy to share the expertise we have acquired with you. We provide high-level training for novice and experienced casters. From making molds to handling the machines.

Tin casting is a profession that often appeals to the imagination. A craft that is rarely performed. We would like to introduce the public during our demonstrations to a wonderful profession and our interpretation of it.

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