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3D drawings

You can create new models with many details by means of a 3D drawing on the computer. We can work with files provided by the customer, but we can also start drawing ourselves from the very first line. A 3D drawing gives you a first glimpse of the end result of your product. Before a mold is made of it, the drawing is sent to the customer for checking after approval.

3D Modeling

Want to make a complete model without the modern technical means? We can convert your design into a three-dimensional object by modeling it. With extremely small and precise details you have the design in your hands. Once the model has hardened, we place it in the silicone to make a mold.


At De Tinnen Roos, a prototype can be part of our work process or the end result that we deliver to the customer. As soon as we make a product, we always make a test to see if the product will get the right quality. We can then make adjustments to the article or mold to improve the quality even more. An approved prototype is the start of the actual production process or the start of a mass production at another company.

Different prototypes

We can deliver prototypes as a 3D drawing, 3D printing, a handmade model or as a cast product. It is possible to deliver small editions, but it is also possible to deliver only one copy. With prototypes you can think of test versions of industrial material, but also of models and miniatures.