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3D printen

We can make your computer-drawn 3d models tangible,
with our 3d printer and make
your drawn fantasy comes to life.

Preview for the real thing

The advantage of a printed model is that it is possible to check whether it is suitable for reproduction in other materials such as metals or plastics. It gives a good idea of what the end result may look like. If you are not completely satisfied with the result, you can make adjustments to your design before the real production starts. By making a preview you avoid higher costs.

3D print in siliconen rubber mal

The printed models are suitable for placement in silicone rubber. This makes the print the basis for greater production. By first treating the model with a releaser, it will come out of the mold in a good way after vulcanization of the mold. After the pouring and venting channels have been cut, production can start in the desired material.

Our 3D printers