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3D printen

With the 3D printer it is possible to make your drawings touchable. A drawn fantasy comes to “life”. Your design is printed layer by layer in plastic. The advantage of this is that your object becomes very lightweight. During printing you can see the details being built up.

Prototype or master

A 3D print gives a good impression of your design before the production can start. When printing a prototype, you can see how all the details turn out and then decide if any adjustments are needed. Such an intermediate print is a low cost way of checking whether the model is working out as you would like.

A high resolution 3D print is used as a master. With the master we make a casting mold to take the design into production. The 3d printed master is perfect for tin and plastic castings.

Asiga printer Flexibele precision

The MAX X is Asiga’s High definition  3D-printer with a resolution of27, 35 or 43 micron

Our 3D printed work

Our 3D-printers