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Silicon rubber

In order to deliver quality casts, the mould from wich is casted should be of a supreme quality. That is why Nicem produces our own custom line ‘DTR Silicones’. After the vulcanization process and the creation of the proper air and casting ducts, the machine can start spinning. The life cycle is dependent on the type of silicones used and the type of product that needs to be casted.

Solid silicones

Solid silicones need to be externally heated under pressure to create a mold from your prototype. This can be done with help of a vulcanizing press or with our microframe in a regular oven. We can supply solid silicone in various thicknesses and strengths.

Liquid silicones

Liquid silicones consist of two components. On the bottles / jugs they are usually referred to as A and B. As soon as these components are combined, the vulcanization process starts. During vulcanization it is recommended to use a vacuum system so that no air bubbles form in the mold.