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Pewter rose

Our own pewter rose has been cast to a real rose. The leaves on the stem and the petals are therefore full of details. The natural graceful shape ensures that the rose is a jewel for any environment. Because you can bend the stem, leaves and petals, the rose can be placed, placed and hung in all kinds of positions.

The emotional value of our pewter rose can become even greater if we make a card with a personal engraving.

De emotionele waarde van onze tinnen roos kan nog groter worden als we een kaartje eraan maken met een persoonlijke gravure.

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The petals are arranged per three leaves. Each leaf can be moved individually. The flower can be opened completely to your liking or closed a bit more. The recipient’s taste ultimately decides the overall appearance of our rose.


By adding a special rose bud between the petals, a small ash compartment forms. In the magazine we can engrave a small text to make the rose even more personal. Because only a little bit of ash goes into the rose, it is possible to fill several roses and make a memory for the whole family.


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