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We make computer-drawn 3d designs
tangible for you with our 3d printer.
A drawn fantasy comes to life.

Proud to be a user and reseller of the Asiga Brand

In recent years, a lot of movements has been seen between different brands in 3D printers. Some brands are aimed at hobbyists where there is more purchase for affordable price. There are also brands that focus on both and wanting to be the best in terms of quality and performance. Each quality have its price.
We believe that Asiga with their machines is the best that is currently available for the professional.

Top quality and high detailing

The most common question we experience is:
“Why are these printers more expensive than compared to other printers in the market?”
Because this is a piece of top quality that is made in Sydney.
There is excellent support and the detailing of the products is very crisp.
Due to the SPS system (Smart-Positioning-System), each layer is carefully waited for a perfect pressure balance before the next layer is placed.