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Injection molding

In our workshop we cast with different materials. We determine the correct material and optimal composition for each product. In addition to casting in metals, we have the option of working in thermoplastic resin. This is done by means of the injection molding technique.

Thermoplastic resin

Thermoplastic resin is a plastic in the form of a granulate. The granulate becomes liquid by heating and is therefore suitable for casting. This resin type is reusable after casting. This means that the sprue that remains can be reused. A special shredder breaks down the remains and turns them into granulate. These can be heated again for a new casting. This means that no material is wasted and it is 100% recyclable in the production process.

Injection molding with SiOCAST

The SiOCAST is a revolution in miniature casting. It is the very first system that offers you the possibility to inject Resin into silicone molds. Resin granulate is melted in the machine so that it can be injected into the mold in liquid form. This technique allows higher detailing of the end product. This production method is very suitable for making miniatures for board games, among other things.

De Tinnen Roos offers training courses for operating the SiOCAST and making the molds for this.