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At De Tinnen Roos, all techniques we use are at the service of our products. We examine in advance for each production how we can achieve the best result. In this way we determine the right method for each part in the production process. In the design process we can choose between modeling or 3D drawing and to make the master we make a choice between 3D printing or milling. With the masters we can make the molds for centrifugal casting or injection molding.

As the last step in the process, tin products receive a post-processing in which we can opt for a shiny result by means of polishing. To show more depth in the product we use patination or we create an antique look with acids. For the engraving department we make a choice between laser processing, milling or UV printing when making wine boxes and door signs, for example.

Our machines and foundry

The foundry is the heart of our company. The machinery and the people who serve them take care of the daily production of business gifts, miniatures, decorative items and technical parts. We have set up our workshop in such a way that it benefits production. With several techniques that take place in the same room, we have developed a workplace where all techniques can serve each other.