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De Tinnen Roos fights Corona

As De Tinnen Roos, we are aware of the social impact that the COVID-19 virus has on all of us. We work from home as much as possible and don’t see our family and friends. Social isolation. At the same time, there are people at work in the vital professions who have no other choice. In our foundry we have tried to come up with a bright spot for everyone in the form of two corona pins. We want to use part of the proceeds to support Het Longfonds financially in their investigations.

I think of you

Het Opstekertje is designed to support each other. You send a bright spot as a gift to someone who is alone at home. You give support to someone who works in a vital profession and who can be exposed to COVID-19 on a daily basis. Send love to someone you love but can’t turn to. With this rose you indicate that the other is in your mind.

Thank you for your commitment

The “Fist Against Corona” is designed for all heroes with vital professions. A fist hits right through a virus particle. It symbolizes our daily battle with this terrible virus. The purpose of this pin is to give it to someone who works in a vital profession and is active. With this token of appreciation, you show that you are fighting with him or her in your own way. A way of saying “thank you for fighting for all of us.” In a simple way you tell them that you respect the continuation of the work and say that you have confidence in the other.

Our measures

The whole of the Netherlands is fighting the Corona virus. By staying at home as much as possible, we ensure that we do not infect each other. At De Tinnen Roos we also fight against COVID-19. We adhere to the regulations of the RIVM. Stay 5 feet apart and wash our hands.

Store is open

We ensure that we serve our customers remotely as much as possible. Our physical store is open to the public, but excursions have been postponed. Our webshop will remain open.


Fist against Corona


De Tinnen Roos donates 25% of the proceeds to Het Longfonds.