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Client: Segway Netherlands
Size: H13 x W8 x D5.5 cm
Material: tin alloy
Number of parts: 7 pcs
Assembly: Soldering
Details: Lots of details in all parts, from tire structure to logos


Segway is a company that provides high-tech personal transportation. The company is recognized for its innovative products. The classic Segway is used by security forces, among others, but is also used recreationally for tourist purposes.

Miniature as a promotional gift

Segway Netherlands asked us to make a miniature of their transport product as a promotional gift. We made two versions. A small model with few details and a larger variant shown here.

Test run

To get a good feeling and to work on this project with extra enthusiasm, a nice surprise was arranged for the entire team. A truck with Segways stopped in front of the foundry, after which they drove around the village. This ride increased the motivation to work even harder on the miniatures.

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Design and model

Design on the computer

Designing became a lot easier with a Segway in the workshop as a model. Photos were taken from all angles that formed the basis for the 3D drawings. A large number of details were included in the drawings, including the company logo. The complexity of the model was taken into account during the drawing. It was immediately clear to us that it could not be put in the mold in one piece. The design was adjusted in such a way that there were several parts that would come out of the mold. The first step of a good end result starts with a well-developed model.

3D printing

We were able to make the completed 3D drawing tangible with the 3D printer. The parts are built up layer by layer. A frame is printed on the sides of the parts that ensures that the hot mass does not collapse during printing. Before the parts can be used, the frame must be cut off and the object thoroughly cleaned with alcohol.

Casting and finishing

Making mold and casting

The masters were cast with the help of the printed parts. Masters are used to make the production mold. All molds are manufactured in-house and adapted per product for the best casting results. The Segway mold contains all the parts so that a complete product was cast each time. It is cast with a tin alloy. This alloy is produced by ourselves in the casting pots. With each pour, the mixture is manually poured into the spincasting machine.


The cut and ground parts were soldered together with tinsolder. This painstaking work is done entirely manually and is the expertise of a few workshop employees. Soldering is performed before the complete product takes an acid bath to obtain an antique look. The reason we solder first is that the acid is a “contamination” of the tin and thus the solder has a more difficult grip on the various parts.

Finishing with acids

After soldering, the last steps in production were taken. The Segway still has the dull silver color of the material itself. To get the antique look of our end product, our miniature transporter has been given an acid bath. The entire surface was carefully made free of grease and dust before the acid was added. The smallest details were brushed with a toothbrush so that no spots were skipped. Finally, the Segway has been brushed clean to polish away the dark layer, to reveal its final appearance.

More images of the Segway