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Carnival association De Foekepot from Silvolde commissioned us to make a miniature of a foekepot and pour it in tin. Our small representation of the instrument is intended as an award for Prince Robin and Adjutant Joost in Carnival year 2013/2014.

Production process

To be able to hang the foekepot around the neck, a complete process had to be completed first. The instrument was first drawn in 3D on the computer and then made into a 3D print. After approval by the carnival association, the mold could be made. A successful casting allowed the rest of the process to start. Casting, polishing, engraving and mounting. The bottom of the foekepot is a separate part, making the inside hollow. The award is therefore less heavy around the neck. With our engraving machine, the bottom plates are provided with text before it is combined with the other part. Everything cleaned up nicely before the award could go to Silvolde to provide the carnival with extra dignity.


Vierdaagse Assortiment
Het Gezicht Van Nijmegen Munt

The Face Of Nijmegen coin

Client: Andreas Hetfeld DTR design: Eduardo Pérez Format: 450x450x30 mm Material: tin-bismuth alloy

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