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Anniversary gift

Driessen Appendages from Millingen aan de Rijn was looking for a business gift in honor of their 50th anniversary. A revision pump was designed for their employees and relations using a 3D drawing. All parts were printed and cast separately. The whole was put together by soldering. The end result was given a marble base with an inscription.
For other visitors to the anniversary party, a key ring was designed with some parts from the pump.


Format: H9.0 x W10.5 x D3.0 cm
Number of parts: 17 parts (excluding plinth)
Assembly: Soldering
Mounting on marble base: Gluing
Extra addition: Engraving


Segway, Miniature, Pewter, Tin
Gam’inBIZ, Spelleverancier, Speluitgever, Nijmegen, Kaartspellen


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