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Chess with a twist

Twisting Chess is a new way of playing chess. All known pieces from the original chess game are in a new design on the board. A board with sixteen extra squares, because there are two new characters in the playing field: Twister and Mimo.
In addition to the introduction of the two new chess pieces and a new playing field, this game is played with dice. New game insights and tactics alternate with a dose of luck.

Jahn & Pérez

Twisting Chess was conceived and developed by Ramon Jahn (De Tinnen Roos) and Eduardo Pérez (Laloberinto Art & Design). A combination of a tinsmith and a designer who joined forces. Both bring great experience in their field and used it to achieve a common goal: a new game.


A kickstarter project has been started to get Twisting Chess off the ground. On the special page you will find all options to support and order the game. Play the game with 2D print files up to the complete board with cast 3D models.
This Kickstarter is open until November 25, 2018.



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