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Making molds


We use round molds for spincasting. These are made of a silicone rubber. To make the mold, the models are placed in a layer of silicone and pressed. After a layer of talcum powder, the second silicone layer is placed. The mold form is closed with a pressure stamp with which the mold can be put under pressure. The silicone is vulcanized in the pressure furnace. After vulcanization, the malleable mass has been converted into a solid, yet bendable shape. After the casting- and air channels have been installed, the mold can be put into production. We use Nicem machines and silicones for our centrifugal casting.

Injection molding

Molds for the SiOCAST are different from molds for centrifugal casting. Because these molds do not rotate in the casting machines, the shape is different. The method of production is about the same, but with injection molding the models are placed in the silicone in a different way. By properly cutting the channels, the liquid mass finds its way through the pouring channels after being injected into them at high pressure.

Mold making for spincasting

Mold making course

In addition to making casting molds ourselves, we transfer our knowledge to fellow foundries. We therefore offer both physical and online training courses. We teach you how to make molds so that you can start your own production.

Mold making course