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UV printing

Your article or business gift with a print in color? Our UV printing technique is the right solution. In contrast to engraving, no layers are removed with this technique. With the flat printer we put a layer on top of the article.


Images are printed with a maximum of 1440 dpi in a large color gamut. Besides all the various colors, white is also one of the options. The ink we use does not have a drying time so articles can be used immediately or can be further processed immediately. Due to the flexibility of the ink, it does not break when an object is bent or stretched. Our printer has a printing range of 508 x 330 mm and can work with objects up to 10 cm thick.

Our UV printer

Roland VersaUV LEF-20
Print range 508 x 330 mm
1440 dpi print in a large color gamut
Flexible ink