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De Tinnen Roos

Craftsmanship and innovation

Who we are

DTR Spincasting

Craftmanship and innovation

We are a company that is able to deliver quality services across the entire production line of small to medium-sized articles like business gifts, miniatures and prototypes. We combine our profound knowledge of historical processes with new technologies. We invite you to come over and become inspired by our craft!

Our core business is producing (3D) models straight from out silicon moulds. These models are a perfect fit for a range of metal as well resin castings.

We deliver using a range of techniques of which spin casting and vacuum castings. Because of the setup of our production line and our profound expertise in the area, we are able to ramp up from a few prototypes to bulk production.

We can also supply the raw materials and machines for each step of the process. We have what it takes to deliver in time and with high quality to the consumer market as well as businesses. We also love to teach and give trainings for each step of the process. In short, we can supply you the knowledge how to produce it yourself, or we can produce it for you.