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De Tinnen Roos on local television

In 2008 journalist Fleur van der Kieft visited the foundry on behalf of the Gelderland Zomerland program. Ramon taught her to make a mold and to pour her own product. Gelderland Zomerland was a program on TV Gelderland in which touristic sights and activities were highlighted to give tourists ideas.

Gelderland Zomerland visits De Tinnen Roos

From Omroep Gelderland YouTube channel:

Gelderland Zomerland (25-07-2008)

25 jul. 2008

Omroep Gelderland
Fleur takes us this week in Gelderland Zomerland to Millingen aan de Rijn, Ooij and Beek-Ubbergen; a beautiful, varied area near Nijmegen. After a delicious English breakfast at B&B Teahouse Inn, Fleur goes tin-casting at pewter foundry De Tinnen Roos in Millingen…