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Client: Segway
Size: 15x20cm
Materia: 100% Pewter metal

Business presents

At De Tinnen Roos you can find unique present and when you have an idea we can create it for you. We have been producing affordable unique presents for our customers business presents, thinking in occassions such as compani anivarsaries, christmas and christmas presents.

Unique ideas

We design an specific present that can be produced with the logo of your company and even reproduce a model such as buildings, sculptures or an iconic identity of your company.


We can produce presents on metal such as pins, wine toppers, key holders, but we can also produce and print on wood, acryl and use our creativity on different material and techniques. Below you can see some examples on our production.

Wat onze klanten zeggen


We’ve been producing unique and beautiful business presents for a large variety of clients

Some business presents we've produced

We make every business present unique

Make a business present unique?

Segway is a company that delivers beautiful high tech personal tranport. The company is recongnized by its innovative products and the clasic segway its been used with security forces on different countries.

Client: Segway
Size: 15x20cm
Materia: 100% Pewter metal

Some of our customers