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Commemorative coin Operation Market Garden

Client: De Tinnen Roos
Commemorative coin Operation Market Garden
Concept and design: Eduardo Perez
Format: diameter 50 mm
Material: tin-bismuth alloy

The story

Operation Market Garden has been a very important historical moment in the liberation of Europe and is a milestone in our free and peaceful life in Europe as well as in the whole world. This coin was designed and manufactured by De Tinnen Roos in memory of the fact that the operation took place 75 years ago. Various commemorative events were organized throughout the region, from parades to massive parachute drops. For De Tinnen Roos, this coin is a recognition of this important heroic moment of liberation.

The design

The commemorative coin has two sides, each with its own image. On the one hand, we used some texts that immediately clarify what this coin is intended for, the title and the number of years ago that the liberation took place. With the Nijmegen Waal bridge at the top, we give a recognizable picture of what the battle was all about.

On the other hand, we captured a moment in time when this emotional event is frozen. A father, with his daughter on his shoulders, waves to the Allied planes. They flew over to drop all the paratroopers who came to liberate the Netherlands during Operation Market Garden. A tribute to all those soldiers who risked their lives to liberate Europe.

What our clients say

Planning to create a commemorative coin?

Do you have a special moment that you want to capture in a unique way? De Tinnen Roos thinks along with you in the design and manufacture of a commemorative coin. Suitable as a gift to special people, but also for private sale as a souvenir. Please feel free to contact us for the possibilities and a quotation.

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Design and model

Design on the computer

Two different 3D design programs were used to design this coin. In the first step, a solid base object with the correct dimensions was created in SolidWorks. This drawing program is suitable for technical drawings. The basic figure has been imported into ZBrush in which you can “clay” more on your screen. In this program the different characters and texts were created to be minted. By looking at the design from a different angle each time in the program, as many details as possible could be added and we knew in advance how these would turn out in the actual currency.


The design was sent by the computer to our milling machine. The plastic was removed layer by layer from a piece of plastic. During this process, the details became more and more visible. After everything had been milled out, the plastic coin was cleaned so that there was no leftover sharps and other dirt on it. Ready for the first casting to make masters.

Casting and finishing

Making mold and casting

The masters were cast in a first mold using the plastic coin. Masters are used to make the production mold. All molds are manufactured in-house and adapted per product for the best casting results. We had room for eleven copies in the mold of this coin. So we could produce eleven coins per casting round. It is cast with a tin-bismuth alloy. This alloy is produced by ourselves in the casting pots. With each pour, the mixture is manually poured into the spincasting machine.

Finishing with acids

After cutting and edging the cast coin, the product is not yet ready. The coin then still has the dull silver color of the material itself. To get the antique look of our endproduct, the commemorative coin has been given an acid bath. The entire surface was carefully made free of grease and dust before the acid was added. The smallest details were cleaned with a toothbrush so that no spots were missed. Finally, the coin is brushed clean to polish away the dark layer and give the coin its final appearance.

More images of this coin

market garden, herinneringsmunt, 75 jaar, operation market garden
market garden, herinneringsmunt, 75 jaar, operation market garden
market garden, herinneringsmunt, 75 jaar, operation market garden, doosje