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This November (2022) we have an amazing offer for you. If you order this month machines from Asiga, Nicem or Shining 3D via De Tinnen Roos, you will receive a free training of 1 day from us and the shipping costs are free. Read more about this promotion and the conditions below and view our special brochure.

Dear producer in the miniature industry,

De Tinnen Roos is a user and reseller of all these brands and machines.
We use them every day and that’s why we’re offering this promotion.

On this promo you will find some variations of different machines and brands.

Special november promo
* NO SHIPPING cost to all places in the European Union and USA ( excluded import tax ).
* We will install the machines at your location free of charge.
* Need more of our experience? We offer a 25% discount for hiring extra days of training/consultation/mould making or casting advice when you purchase a machine.

Available for installation and training
In US we will be available in Jan/Feb 2023, for European Dec/Jan 2022/23

Contact us
Don’t hesitate to contact us or visit us.
You can always ask us for some free samples or a try out for any of these machines.

Best wishes and hopefully you will become the next owner of one or more of these amazing machines.

Ramon Jahn
0031 – 6 – 5393 5040

Asiga printers are available from €9,990 for the Max X machines. €24,990 for the 4K series and €29,990 for the pro 4K XL series.

The Nicem spincast equipment is available for the complete range of Nicem (Send us an email for the price list).
For example: Nicem C400’Matic spincast machine is available for €15,850.

Shining 3D
This fantastic 3D scanner of Shining 3D is €9,990.

Favorable exchange rate!
The dollar is almost equal to the euro at the moment!

Not in the promo, but good to know!
We are also a proud user and reseller of Siocast for the Netherlands and Germany.
If you are in need of any production or you are interested in the system?
For a great offer please send me an email.

Are you interested in buying a Siocast system outside the Netherlands or Germany?
Please feel free to contact and please send them our regards.