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De Tinnen Roos

Craftsmanship and innovation

A foundry with expertise in centrifugal casting and molding techniques.

Our company makes miniatures, business gifts and prototypes. We combine traditional work with the latest technology of today. This results in a special company where the possibilities are almost limitless. Come to visit us and admire our profession!

Shaping (3D) models is the core of our company. We do this in silicone molds that are suitable for casting in various metals and plastics. In our foundry we make products from design to prototype or end product. This enables us to deliver from every stage of the process. During production we use a range of techniques, including pendulum and vacuum casting.

Through our machines and knowledge we can make the product from a single prototype to medium-sized productions. We work with cast materials and machines from Italy and we are also official resellers. Our company can meet the wishes of both companies and consumers.
We are happy to pass on our expertise to others through training in all parts of the production process.
In short, we can teach you how to cast or we can do it for you.