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At De Tinnen Roos a prototype can be part of our work process or the end result that we deliver to the customer. As soon as we make a product, we always make a test in which we check whether the product is getting the right quality. After the first tests we are able to make adjustments to the product or to the template to get the quality even better. An approved prototype is the start of the actual production process at our company or start mass production at another company. We can supply prototypes as 3D drawing, 3D printing, a handmade model or as a casted product. It is possible to deliver small quantities, but also only one copy. With prototypes you can think of test versions of industrial material, but also models and miniatures.


We can make a copy of existing products in different materials. A template is made of the supplied model with which we can make a single copy or a print of your choice. Due to copyrights, we can not simply reproduce everything.


Making a complete model without modern techniques. We can convert your design into a three-dimensional object by modeling it. You will get your design handed in extremely small and precise details. Once the model has hardened, we place it in the silicone to make a mold.

3D drawing

You can create new models with many details with a 3D drawing on the computer. We can work with files supplied by the customer, but we can also start drawing from the very first line. With a 3D drawing you already have a first look at the end result of your product. Before a mold is made, the drawing is sent to the customer for inspection.

3D print work

We can print your model directly to a touchable model on our 3D printer. In this way you can test whether the model is completely in order and to your liking. The mold has not yet been made and modifications are still possible. Higher costs are saved. The printing is done in resin. After approval of the resin model the final product is made. The printed parts are placed in  silicone plates to make the mold. Even the tiniest details in the print work are completely taken over by the silicone.